Henry Jamison // Le Fanfare // NYC

All photos by Olivia Cummings

The Wild Honey Pie hosted the first dinner party of the fall with musical guest Henry Jamison last month. The evening was filled with musical discussion, tasty Italian food courtesy of Le Fanfare, and endless amounts of Austin East cider. Henry Jamison concluded the night with a soulful set that reflected on adolescence and the romantic experiences of everyday life. Jamison, hailing from Vermont, filled the small room of eager guests with his goofy banter and comments about his home. He welcomed guests onto the makeshift stage including a childhood friend from home and a musician who “just came from the MET Opera.”

Jamison grabbed the attention of the music loving guests and took them on a ride through the Vermont landscape and the fleeting moments of his adolescence. His sound is reminiscent of many folk artists today, but it creates a more intimate feeling in a way that the audience can relate to. He covers the issues of self-esteem, vulnerability, and the ways the world affects our way of life. Henry Jamison is now touring in support of his album The Wilds. He also has another album in process to be released this Fall.