Olden Yolk- Vital Sign (Video)

Continuing with their intriguingly obscure visual crack-ups, Olden Yolk's video for "Vital Sign" finds Shane Butler and Caity Shaffer shuffling through a doomish, snowcapped New York City. The buzzing and slowly strummed acoustic intro begins with the apocalyptic imagery from the first single "Takes One To Know One" and snaps to the bandmates customarily crossing paths recurrently on the endless ups-and-downs of the City companionways. The peculiarly mundane tour arrives at a wildly chaotic terminus timed just as the dark bubblegummy psychedelic pop melodies reach a bewitching drone where diametric colors converge, disarray prevails, and the banal reality outside lingers. 

The song is the second single from the group's upcoming debut on Trouble in Mind Records out February 23. Preorder it here.