Drugdealer // Baby's All Right // Brooklyn, NY

Last Saturday Michael Collins brought his band Drugdealer to New York to play the first New York City show since the release of The End of Comedy. The star-studded live band includes Natalie Mering of Weyes Blood, Jackson Macintosh of Sheer Agony/Jackson Macintosh, Shags Chamberlain of Haunted Graffiti, Josh Da Costa of Regal Degal/CMON, Mike Long, and professional skateboarder Danny Garcia. 

The band worked their way through the entirety of The End of Comedy performing the cinematic pop masterpiece to a sold out Baby's audience. Though, if you were not in attendance, there's plenty to look forward to from the Drugdealer camp as Collins has just announced a partnership with Mexican Summer with a new record expected sometime in 2018. Weyes Blood is finalizing her first release after signing with Sub Pop with a 2018 due date. Jackson Macintosh will deliver his self-titled solo debut, My Dark Side, on Sinderlyn Records in February.


Photos by Abby Miller